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We Educate


  • Speaking Engagements
  • Lawmaker visits, tours and other communications.
  • Constituent advocacy workshops and training
    • In-person sessions
    • Online webinars


  • Collaborate with other organizations to inspire and engage constituents in advocacy
  • Develop and deliver empowering messaging, activities and services.


As veterans of public affairs, we understand the challenges of engaging stakeholders. We are:

  • Experienced in the private, public and nonprofit sectors.
  • Successfully developed and engaged constituents in hundreds of grassroots campaigns on a wide range of issues. 
  • We know what it takes to educate stakeholders and government officials about issues that impact people, communities and businesses.

Meet Marsha


A Veteran

Marsha Padilla-Goad is owner of Dynamics in Public Affairs, LLC. She is a veteran grassroots advocate who has organized highly successful campaigns and programs in Washington and across the nation over the past 20 years. She has worked in the private, public and non-profit sectors on behalf of veterans, seniors, and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Marsha's Work Over The Last 20 Years

Marsha has organized tours and town hall meetings across the United States that brought Congressional representatives directly to their voters. She has organized rallies on Capitol Hill and brought thousands of constituents to Washington, DC for annual lobby days. She also enjoys conducting workshops for high school students to teach them the value of grassroots advocacy and the critical role it has played throughout our nation's history. 


Marsha's Passion

 Marsha is passionate about educating people about issues that impact their lives, businesses and communities. She believes everyone should know how and when to communicate with their local, state and federal lawmakers. Her overall mission is to educate the public about the power of their voice to inform lawmakers and participate in policymaking. 

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